My mom hates my girlfriend. What do I do?

I am 18 and Im currently a college student and I've been dating this girl for 5 months. Honestly she is the nicest, most caring, and unselfish person ever and I truly love her.

Being in college, we sometimes sleep together, and unfortunately my parents found out about this. Like any parent they were shocked and disappointed, and I admit this was a mistake. After a few months, I talked with my dad and he said he fully supported my relationship and said it was my choice to date whoever I want and suffer any consequences because I am an adult. He realized that I knew my mistake and knows that we have turned around as a couple.

On the other hand, my mom hates my girlfriend. She thinks that my girlfriend is selfish and a slut for what happened, which I understand. She fails to realize her good qualities and completely disapproves and says that I am not to date her. On top of all this my girlfriend and my mom only met once.

I respect my mom's opinion, but I think that as an adult, it should be my decision, not hers. Ever since, I think our relationship has been healthy and strong. We study together and we truly enjoy each other. My only problem is that I wish my mom would give me a second chance to show her that my girlfriend isn't what she thinks she is.

Any thoughts on what I should do? Any advice is appreciated!


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  • I despise mothers like this. You need to shut her down. If you don't, it will lead to her getting in-between you and your girlfriend and eventually cause fights and lead to break ups. Not to mention, your girlfriend will end up hating your mom.

    I dated a guy.. we were religious and went to the same church as his mother. She hated me because we lived together. I was with him for 2 1/2 years... and she got our pastor to come to OUR house (in which I was paying the bills) to tell him I wasn't a good girl. I was a virgin. I think, I was a good girl. And, later she lied and said she saw me out in a see-through top in my car. haha I don't even own a see-through top. She was so crazy she got her sister to threaten me at my work and then told everyone I was cheating on him. We loved each other VERY much. But, the crazy mother which led to crazy family, caused us to fight. And, caused problems in our relationship. I couldn't go to family outings as she was there and didn't want me. It was ridiculous. I miss him sometimes, but I am SO glad to be out of that relationship, as she was crazy and it was too stressful.


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  • depends on if you live with your parents or not. If you've got your own place, you can date whom ever you want.

    If you live with your parents, you're going to have to deal with their rules and opinions, not matter how unfair they are.

  • You are a grown as man tell your mom she needs to understands that. Have your dad talk to her about it first though


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  • Well if you're 18 and in college there's nothing wrong with sleeping with someone you've been in a relationship for a while. If you're abstinent or religious perhaps this goes against your morals, but frankly this is rarely that frowned upon in this day and age even by parents. Anyway it's your choice who you want to be with and if you're sure about her then follow your heart (and your head) and keep moving forward. Of course you should also value your mother's opinions, so you probably do want to improve her opinion of your girlfriend.

    First thing to realize is that over time if your relationship holds strong your mom will gradually grow to like your girlfriend, it's pretty rare for this not to happen. Anyway, one thing you need to do is try to explain to your mom that it wasn't all her who initiated sex, unless it was which is very unlikely not even accounting for the fact that you're a guy. Casually give off the vibe of how happy your girlfriend makes you when you're around your mom, citing specific qualities and things she does for you. If your mom says bad things about your girlfriend, politely defend her. And you really need to get them to meet more, whether your mom wants to or not. She can fight anything good you say about your girlfriend in her head, but she can't fight what's standing right in front of her.

  • My parents disliked all my gfs. Thus I never invited any.

    • They disliked my wife too.