To those who had a long-distance relationship in college, how was it?

I really like this girl. She's all I would ever want in a girl. But the problem is, she goes off to college this fall, and I'll be going to college that next year.

How was your relationship, and how difficult was it to be long-distance? How often did you see each other?


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  • Honestly dude I would think long and hard about it. I just had a situation that was the same but instead of going to college I just graduated and left school in December while my girl still has this semester and a year left. We had a great relationship and got very close, there was talk of us being together in the future and having a very serious relationship. Well after a month of me being back at home and her being back at school we broke up. Mainly due to being away from each other and her not being able to continue heading the way ww were headed without me actually being there. It sucked, it was one of those connections that you don't come across very often. But we did try it and it didn't work unfortunately. I say give it a shot but don't be surprised if it doesn't work. She's going to be a freshman in college and there is a LOT to experience in college. Just my 2 cents. Hope it works out for you

    • Well, I'm going to be trusting of her, and allow her to make friends, both guys and girls. I mean, it all really comes down to one thing at the end of the day, if we like/love each other enough to make it work

    • yea I agree with you just know that may change. I'm all for giving it a chance and trying to make it work. Its always better to try and have it not work then to not try at all and not know if it would have worked or not


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  • There'll be tons of other girls to meet tbh and she'll meet other guys so don't expect anything serious to last too long

  • In my school all of the freshman's end their relationships by winter term


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