How can a Lone Wolf attract girls?

How can a loner guy attract girls? Do girls fall for loner guys or do they find them creepy and weird?


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  • I'm pretty much a loner, well I live alone and do things alone and can be shy but been working on that. I guess I come off as welcoming though because I have people at my gym who come up to me and talk to me because I'm a regular and made some gym friends. But other then that I'm pretty independent but I do love talking and meeting people as well as I like to have my alone time. I'm a sociable likeable loner! Hahaha :D

    • Realized I didn't answer your question, went on babbling about myself XD. To answer your question most girls like if you make the first move and put yourself out there. Plus there are some girls that are loners as well. There is somebody for everyone!

    • Hey, thanks for your answers. This is loner type im talking about. And i've got the answer: "There's somebody for everyone".

    • Thank you for best answer!


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  • You may have to put yourself out there just a bit. You may be able to find a nice girl on the internet or in a book store or something. I wouldn't recommend clubs or parties, people that enjoy partying may be too overwhelming for you, maybe not, I don't know. Don't go too far out of your comfort zone but maybe put yourself out there a little bit.

    Maybe my advice sucks, I don't know. You'll find the right girl at some point, but remember that it won't happen unless you talk to someone somewhere, whether it be the internet or somewhere in public. Yes, you can attract girls.

    • My definition of a loner is different from yours. Im talking about the loner who goes to public places and parties but doesn't bother talking to anyone.

    • Well, you'll still have to put yourself out there at the parties.

  • It depends, some guys just have that stalker/just escaped from a prison for the criminally insane look that makes you want to run all the way to China

  • Yes we do! :)

    • "Yes we do"? What do you mean? Do you like them or find them creepy?

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    • Hey, im not talking about the guy who is absolutely anti-social!!. Im talking about the kinda guy who obviously goes out like normal people do but just doesn't talk to people that often and does not hang out in groups and stuff. We walks alone and does his job alone but if he gets a chance to talk to someone, then he talks normally and sometimes talks too much.

    • Lol... again yeah we do go for that type actually that's even better. Some women would say it's right up there alley. I would date someone like that! :)

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  • Yes. I managed it.

    • How did you do it? Magic? Help from a pick-up artist?

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    • I respect your opinion. Thanks. You're definitely right. My biggest strength is that I listen a lot.

    • The most important thing of all is to turn things sexual and move things forwards, don't treat her as a friend, treat her as if she's already your girlfriend.

  • By licking their feet and giving her puppy dog eyes, LOL!!! XD