Dinner date at my house, how formal does it have to be?

So this girl and I have been on about 5 dates. Anyways I've invited her over to my place for dinner and a movie. So the issue is that I don't actually have a kitchen table to sit at, typically I eat in front of the TV. In the past when I've had someone over for dinner its been nice enough to eat outside but it is supposed to be cold so that won't work. Does it look bad to suggest that we eat on the floor in front of the TV? I could put a blanket down and start a fire to make it cozier but not sure how that would be viewed either. If I am able to get a table how formal does it have to be set?
Thanks for your help ahead of time!


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  • That would be an awesome date : )

    Any down-to-earth girl is going to love that.


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  • Sometimes you just can't beat simplicity :)

  • that would be cute you get a nice clean blanket, start a fire. Make sure to have some nice pillow don't get food that's going to be sloppy and you make a mess. And just tell her you wanted to do a picnic style date.


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