Had my first kiss... any advice for further kisses?

I just had my first kiss.. it lasted for a Min until I pulled away because I thought I was doing it wrong.. I asked him how was it and he said it was ok. I don't know if he was serious or not but it wasn't bad for me at all.. I think he will teach me how to kiss better.. would you teach me? :(


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  • kiss your fingers in the shape of a mouth
    it works


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  • I would not. You have mono. Regardless kissing changes based on the kissees. So there is no universal method, sadly.

  • just do it naturally my goddd... what's there to teach about kissing? If you want to learn, then kiss as much as possible or even freakin practice in the mirror.


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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR__qx8EWUM

    Synchronize your lips, take a smooth, silky tour around their mouth with your tongue. Don't hurry it, don't devour them. Enjoy it.

    Take care of your breath, have some mints or wash your mouth after a smelly meal. Avoid glittery glosses or heavy lipsticks, natural is always more yummy for them than any other color. Bite their lips softly, let them bite yours. Graze their lip with the tip of your tongue and then push it into their mouth, taste him.

    And when the kiss is over and you're pulling away, go for one more lips-on-lips kiss, pressing hard for a second and then let go again.