Why does it seem like I always push guys away?

Every guy I meet tends to be pushed away. It's not even like I'm closed off or clingy or bitchy or anything like that. And it seems like right after they meet me and aren't talking with me anymore, they always end up meeting someone they stay a long time with. I've never been able to have a relationship since high school and I'm in my 20s now because of this. Every time I fall for someone, they just suddenly become distant and I never know why. What are some possible reasons that'd push guys away?


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  • Maybe its the type of guys you're attracted to?

    • I actually don't have a type. I have more of standards at first as in evaluating their education, their family, how they are in general before getting emotionally involved.

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    • It's ok! Thanks anyways :)

    • You're welcome.


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  • Coincidence?

    • I'd hope it's just a coincidence! Lol

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  • They might not be attracted physically?

    • No, the physical attraction is always there. But it seems like they leave everytime we get a little close emotionally. But then they'd have no problem getting close with someone else. It's weird and confusing

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    • Honestly, I think it may be because I'm looking for a long term and they're not

    • Yeah that could be it for sure. Tell them up front, if they are not looking for something long term (most men of the 20 something age group are not down for long term stuff) maybe you could look for an older man? like 30-40 ish? They are usually more mature and better over all..