I love her but can I still tell her or has she checked out of our relationship?

I've been in my current relationship with the girl I absolutely adore for almost a year. We've never said I love you and she always wanted to take things slow and be casual in the beginning but lately I felt like we had become a unit , like us against the world. Cheesy I know.

I kinda screwed up when I went furniture shopping with her and we laid in a bed and the children's cribs where right next to it and I said: Imagine how great our kids will look in one of these one day.

I know this was probably overstepping so many lines but I jsut felt so connected and in love with her and truly felt we may have this kind of future.

Me being the idiot with no filter I am though have really pissed her off and she's currently staying with her sister and won't reply to my contact attempts.

Do you think I should come clean to her about how I love her and I feel like she's my 'one' or would that just scare her off even more or do you think all hope is lost already?


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  • You don't have to say it, just show it but give her some space for a little bit


What Guys Said 1

  • It's never too late to share love
    Everyone loves to know they are loved
    just do it