What are the annoying things about your significant other or the person you are dating?

Like how many things? what are they? why do you tolerate em? what are the worst annoying things they do? Cause the guy i am dating annoys the heck outta me.


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  • the most annoying thing he does is try to blame me or make it my fault for being "too sensitive" or "looking for a fight" whenever i'm upset because he's done something blatantly rude or insensitive. He knows what he did was wrong but tries to make me feel like i'm the one who's wrong for being upset so that he can get off the hook. he's admitted that he does this to me before.

  • My partner rarely changes out the toilet paperroll, but rather places a new one on top of the cardboard roll. I deal with it, because ot is so insiginifacant (sp?) In the long run.