Does he secretly want to go with me?

So, I have a thing with this guy. He is a total sweetheart and I really like him. He has made it clear that he has feelings for me as well and we will probably date when the timing is right. He has a problem with saying no and that has caused some difficulty on this decision which is why i'm asking you! He is totally honest with me, but I just want to make sure he says yes to make me happy. This year is my senior prom and I really want him to go with me. I think it would be fun and I couldn't see myself going with any other guy. He is 20 and a sophomore in college, while I am 18 and just graduating high school. I nonchalantly ask him all the time about if he likes to dance or play just dance. His responses are always like "yeah, but i'm not much of a dancer" or "i'm terrible at dancing." I don't know what that really means in terms of going with me. I could really use your help! I plan on asking him this weekend, but I want to make sure he isn't afraid to say no.
thank you so much for your help!


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  • Ask him, if not then go with someone else. Simple as that.


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  • Ask him And find out for sure