How much contact is normal in early stages of dating?

I haven't dated much, but right now I'm dating a guy who sends me pictures on snapchat, sends me texts almost every day, and I've only been on two dates with him.

Is this normal? I sure like him, but not so much that I already wanna talk to him or see him all the time. Is that bad? Should I be thrilled?


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  • You shouldn't feel anything other than what you're naturally feeling. And don't worry about normal, either. That's a trap way too many people fall into.

    It sounds like this guy is into you, which is great assuming that you're getting into him too. Just continue on a pace that's comfortable for you. Usually the person that's going faster will slow down a bit to match their counterpart.


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  • Just continue dating and keep dating other people. If he keeps doing it just tell him you like him but it's too much at the moment.

  • talking/texting every day when you've only met each other twice and there wasn't a ton of chemistry is a bit weird. i'd take it a bit more slowly.

    date more.


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