what do you do when the person you're dating starts to move too fast or commit too soon?

met on a dating site and we were going to meet but i'm having second thoughts now because he seems a little obsessive...

part of me feels like i might just be afraid of commitment, but the other part of me is thinks i should be. im kinda creeped out by him because he's started to talk about being exclusive already, relocating closer, and how he wants to be together all the time even though we haven't met yet!

what should i do? how do i tell him im not interested anymore? is behavior like this scary or is it a nice thing?


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  • I would talk to him and tell him he needs to slow down. If that doesn't work then I would end it. I have had an experience my self with online dating and the man did the same thing with me and would not stop when I asked him to several times. Draw a boundry line for yourself and if he crosses it too many times then kick him to the curve.


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  • If you are attracted to him physically, I would let him know that he needs to slow down. You don't feel comfortable moving this fast without meeting and getting to know him. If he cares about you, he will respect your wishes and slow down. If not, then tell him you are no longer interested.

  • THIS IS ONE REASON WHY GUYS ARE ALONE IN THIS WORLD: guys are like that (obsessive) over a girl, we are different than you girls, cause guys actually want someone of the opposite gender, and desperate, whereas girls obviously dont, so if you dont really want a guy like that and you dont like what they do than dont get a guy in the first place, what else do you expect? why do you girls gotta give guys such hard times and make things so difficult?


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