Do athletes date only fit women?

By this I mean do men who are athletes only date women who are also in great physical shape; run, do crunches, sit ups, ... Or can they be interested in a regular sort of girl?
Could they ever be interested in someone who has no interest in sports whatsoever?
Would this be a problem for them?
Would they like a girl who is not fit?

I can barely run for 5 minutes. I don't have stamina or lung capacity or whatever's needed for me to run for longer periods of time...


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  • Im very athletic and if i liked a girl i wouldn't care if she was fit or not. And yeah if you dont like to play or watch spirts thats fine too, i only watch football, basketball and baseball occasionally im in no way obsessed. It wouldn't be a problem to me at all. And id be perfectly fine if a girl isn't fit as long as she eats healthy to maintain her health to a degree


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  • I'm not an athlete in the football player sense but I weight train a lot so for a girl not to be interested in something physically active, it's going to be real hard. If she wants to sit around all day and I want to be on my feet, I'd much rather have someone I can go running with then someone sedentary.

    This doesn't mean they will automatically be compatible with someone who is athletic though. A lot of the times fitness couples can argue. Women especially are notorious for trying to "change men" and all that and a lot of guys like doing things their own way. So they can fight a lot over each other trying to mess with each other's fitness goals. So if a guy has his own training circuit, the girl will end up trying to mess with it telling him what to do and fitness people have huge egos so it doesn't go well. Or the guy will have a burger and the girl can try to lecture him on how it is "unhealthy" and they'll start fighting.

    Not being into sports most guys already kinda feel girls aren't into sports so it's kinda expected. Being "not fit" though as long as she's not a fatty she should be fine but even then we got guys who are "chubby chasers." So it's kinda 50/50 on her being active. I'm seeing too many guys just wanting things for the sexual aspects as it is. But me personally I would get along with another gym goer most likely.

  • It's possible. Just like fat guys who get hot girls.

    • But this is not the same...see, because girls are way less shallow then men.

    • It's still possible, regardless. Some men like the average girl. Men do have more range in what we consider as "beautiful."

  • Some of them are into fit girls some like model type girls who may not be at all fit.

  • you can be very fit and not into running, just sayin.

    • Makes sense...

      But in 'fit' I mean not having a lot of stamina and not being very muscly at all...

  • Sure, I'm very fit and my girlfriend is not, we just like different things, I prefer a woman who's _not_ that fit while she prefer ripped guys so we're a good match.

    • Aww cool! Sounds like a symbiotic relationship. =)

    • This is an old comment but yes; it's a symbiotic one :P

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  • I think people that are very conscious of their weight and health typically want to be with someone that has the same viewpoints because it's very hard to stay on track while in a relationship. I've seen this on dating profiles actually. And I tend to agree, it is almost like a way of making a match.
    You don't have to be into the same fitness but athletes tend to want to be with someone that makes healthful choices in their diet.