Best first date? Worst first date?

No need for detail.Just curious, wanting to hear some amusing stories (:


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  • All of my first dates have kind of sucked :/ my first ever long term boyfriend and I started dating when we were like 15 and we couldn't go anywhere without being driven by our parents but on our first date I guess they didn't trust us, we went to a movie with his dad, my parents, a boy that is parents take care of when the boys parents are working, and my brother. And we sat right in the middle of them. Embarrassing. But after that was fine, we dated for almost a year. My next boyfriend and I went to a movie on our first date and he kissed me and it wasn't that great. My next boyfriend and I went bowling but he didn't bring enough money so I ended up having to pay some and then I kicked his butt at bowling and he was extremely awkward and it was just weird. I've only ever had three real boyfriends. I went on one date with a guy who wasn't my boyfriend and it went well, he had his arm around me the entire movie and was a wonderful gentleman, and then afterwards he acted like something terrible happened and barely talked going home, and then never talked to me again. Maybe I'm the issue, I don't know. All my first dates have sucked.

    • Well, first dates are usually awkward in the first place when you think about it! And they tell you whether or not you wanna continue with that person...You actually reminded me of my first ever date. I'd "dated" one guy, but never actually went on a date with him.Well, when I moved on and finally said yes to a guy after a year (I was only 14) that ex invited himself to tag along...Myparents didn't trust the ex so they sat a couple rows ahead of us, my four year old bro watching us.Well, I sat right in the middle of my ex and my future boyfriend.It was very awkward.Both hogging the arm rest, glaring at each other, trying to distract me.It ended up being SO akwarc that I'd take a bite of ones popcorn, then the others, then the others again the whole movie.I was so at a loss for words between then.I ended up eating all of their popcorn xD


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  • Worst first date - homecoming where my friend's girlfriend set me up to go with her. I wasn't interested in her, but she was really interested in me. Too bad it was just uncomfortable.

    Best first date - 8 hour day at the museum and out to dinner with my current love and future wife this November. I knew we were meant to be when she described how her parents met when we were near the Aztec exhibit. I was planning to propose there, but the actual execution was far better on the family vacation at Disney.

  • never had one, I just want to see what people write so that I get more and more frightened about dating and hope that these things never happen to me. I just know that if I ever date, it is going to go south because of me, so I will try not to do things that are listed here

    • Well, I'm not looking for any too stressful answers, just a nice laugh.Nothing to horrible.There's actually a radio show that I listen to that once had people calling in about their first dates.The one I remember most was just about a guy having an Asian girl cook for him, and then ending up realizing he was eating animal organs.

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    • oh cool, I don't think I say that even in real life lol. I don't text much anyways. thanks thought

    • Its just a common teenage term :p And you're welcome!

  • worst date (college days):

    i forgot my wallet and no single penny in my pocket.but i continue my date and explain to her my current situation.So after our date i borrowed her a few bucks for a and embarrassing indeed.


    No idea.I dont want to measuring put sticks for now. Iwant to spend my best date with my future wife.


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  • Best first date: with the guy I'm seeing right now. We went for lunch and then ice cream, we really hit it off.

    Worst first date: probably that time I was "tricked" into a date by a guy I wanted to be friends with. It wasn't awful but I felt bad throughout because he thought it was a date but I was interested in someone else.

  • Worst first date, got dumped for a girl that would.