Boyfriend sent 2 different goodnight msgs? Did he accidentally text me?

bf sent me 2 msgs sayn
" that's cool. i'm going to go to bed. zzz goodnight babe I love you <3"
"Ill call you tomorrow morning I have to wake up early like 8am"

Then 2 mins later said:
"I will call you in the morning. Gn <3"

Sooooo... like was he emphasizing he'll call in the morning... or is he like texting another girl and accidentally texted me? And yah I've been having a problem with him talking to this one girl who supposedly is in a serious relationship but they are just friends.


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  • did he call you? maybe drunk text?

    • No but he textd :( i am close with his dad and he always sends me his phone records so all i can do is wait... i know he's pretty careless and wakes up later than he says he's going to then rushes... but there's a chance he's called his female friend who supposedly has a bf and meant to text her but texted me... we've been having a prob with that but I don't know

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    • :) hope he does. And thank you. I was always like this and my exs were scared that I communicate and their exs didn't


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  • You're right
    and this gets worse over the years
    hope he's worth it

  • Sounds like he goofed and was texting her.

  • Wow there's paranoia...

    • hmmm maybeeee... I know he's usually like really stoned before going to sleep... one of my guy friends said I'm prolly paranoid too cos he repeats things too simply cos he forgets he says them after smoking

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  • Sometimes I send messages with the same gist to emphasize, or I'll send the same thing if my bf hasn't replied (sometimes he doesn't get texts). He also does it sometimes when he wants to make a point.

    I wouldn't worry, if I were you. It doesn't seem too suspicious.

  • Mh. I wouldn't hold this against him so quickly. I sometimes repeat things when I text my boyfriend before I got to bed.

    Did you reply after he said he'd call you the first time? If you didn't reply anything maybe he was waiting for a confirmation text, so he'd figure he'd say it again. (I sometimes do that)

    But really, it's not so... substancial. If it was a line that had nothing to do with your conversation, then probably. It's a risky thing to let a thought like that grow in your head.

    • well after the first time he said he'd call, as I was typing, he sent the same thing in a diff way to me... and now it's morning he hasn't called, he just texting me wishing me a great day...I don't know, maybe he just got a late start for work (he did text an hour later than he said he'd call) :s

  • My first reaction is to say it's not a big deal. I know a lot of people - especially iPhone users - have been having issues with texts going through reliably lately. If I think a text I sent didn't go through, I resend it or a send similar one.

    But then you said you've already had problems with him talking to another girl. So the question is, why are you still with him then?

  • Hm. This most likely an emphasis on the call, but keep an eye out for more evidence on cheating. You can't really confront him and say THIS is your evidence.