Do I tell him how I feel in a message? Is it too impersonal?

Do I tell him how I feel in a message? He told me he's always liked me and always will he also told me he plans on marrying me. I never really told him how I felt because I didn't know what I wanted and that I liked him until he moved away. I rejected him in the beginning and gave him mixed signals. But now realized I really do care about him. Its been 3 months since I've seen him. I going to see him in a month because Im going to work where he is for the summer. We haven't really been talking, but last time he told me he still liked me (5months ago) he said it was on me that we could work it out. so do I wait to tell him all this because I think it's to impersonal through a message.


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  • Tell him in person. But you could always send him a message saying you have something to tell him, or that you really want to talk. Or that you want to continue your conversation from 3 months ago. It will give him a bit of hope before you see each other :)

  • Yeah absolutely. I'll bet he would really like to hear it from you in person, stuff like this should be handled in a mature manner.