Had a great first date and now girl ignoring my text?

Met this girl and hung out with her most of the night and we hooked up that night. Texted with her the following week (not all day but here and there) and asked her out on a date. Took her out on the date and we had good conversation. Spent the night at her place. Texted her once or twice a day the following week. Try texting her that weekend and she ignored me. Thought maybe I was texting too much and backed off. It's been 2 days now. Do I try to text her in a few days or let it be?

Tried texting her today and no response.


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  • If you "hooked up" the same night you met her then she might be too busy "meeting" other guys. No offense, but that doesn't sound good at all.

    • I agree and had the same thoughts about it. She did tell me she goes out with her friends a lot so I think that's what is happening.


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  • Let it be. She'll text you if she's interested.


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  • Why don't you call vs text? Maybe she's annoyed that you don't call her at all...

    • When I talked to her about texting vs calling, she said she preferred texting.

    • That's weird... Yea I'm not really sure whats the problem then... Girls are complicated it could be anything i say don't stress over it... But maybe u should call anyway or see her face to face vs being clueless on why she doesn't respond if she ignores your calls then just move on

    • I don't like texting very much and prefer calling. I tried calling her the day before she ignored my text but she didn't pick up.

  • 2 days is a long time. Maybe something happened to her phone? Visit her in person or give her a ring.