Gf of two years wanted break, then broke up with me. Should I get her back or are we done?

Hey guys, I dated this girl for two years, we were madly in love. She just broke up with me after flopping from wanting a break to not wanting to lose me, to staying together, then breaking up with me. I'm a junior in college and she's a freshman. We met at a party and were inseparable afterwards. About 8 months in I cheated on her and kissed this girl. I told her and she said she wanted to move on. We did and have been great until the last month or so.
About one year in I learned that she used to have depression issues and once cut herself. When she got to college she felt like a loser and a loner, she got on Zoloft to help her mood out. She had been on her medication for about 3 months. Sometimes she wouldn't take it because she didn't want to, and if you do that there are major withdrawal symptoms, and sometimes she would become unstable and just all over the place. I went on a cruise for a week for spring break about a month ago, she sent me a couple emails saying she missed me so much and that she loved me. When I got back on Saturday, she immediately texts me and shows me this tattoo she got (which I didn't want her to get and she knew it). She went with her ex bf and her girl friend who was supposedly hanging out with her ex before. She seemed different from the moment I talked to her after the trip. Pretty much she says that she wants a break to figure out if I'm the one for her. I respond in shock and ask why, she just kept saying that she is unsure of what she wants and needs to focus on herself. I said ok with it, then I stopped taking to her for a couple hours and she called me many times until I picked up and she was crying telling me she made a mistake. After a week she breaks up with me. She told me she kissed her ex after the tattoo, and smoked weed for the first time. She completely flipped her life around in a matter of two weeks and I want to know if she will come back or should I just move on. I need some advice

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  • Dude, she's gone. This is a text book case of a girl trying to ditch a guy. She'll come crawling back when she gets it out of her system, but if you take her back at that point you'll just be the pushover who can be walked all over... Your relationship will never be the same.


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  • Look, i think she is just messing around with you from the time you cheated on her. So yes she might have some issues before you didn't know about but now she is a totally different person! you mean nothing to her now! you seem like a guy who doesn't mess around with others, you seem quite reckless to me as well, i can just tell by the way you wrote this post. In my honest opinion she already moved on! so you should too. Both of you made mistakes!

  • You are done for good


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  • When a girl says she wants a break, she wants to break up but lacks the guts to do so.