How common is it for some one to date someone in the same class as them.?

I am currently taking college classes and I'm curious to know how often do girls and guys date someone in the same class as them answers appreciated.

Does the over all sexual and relationship security craving of a girl determine whether she is up for dating? My guess is yes but what do you think


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  • I would date a guy in the same class as me if he was good looking or smart and easy / predictable to get.


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  • I'd say it's fairly common.
    I preferred to avoid doing it though. Just like dating someone you work with, if things go wrong and you two go your separate ways, well, it can be difficult to actually go separate ways. This happened to me with my first boyfriend, we dated freshman year but after we broke up we continually ended up having courses together for the next three years... I got used to it of course but it was still something I could have done without.

  • I don't do it mostly because it's always so awkward of something goes wrong. Some of my friends dated while there were in same class, when it ended everything just got annoying. She complained about him and he about her. However there is one couple left and they are still together no problems at all. So if you are going to date someone from your class make sure you talk about how you are going to behave in class and so on.


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