When would you consider yourselves as boyfriend/girlfriend?

I asked a guy I have been chatting with for four months and started dating two months ago if we are like boyfriend and girlfriend. He said that I don't need to ask and it'll just happen. I am indecisive about things and don't understand a lot of things such as sarcasm or other meanings so I find it hard to understand things and people sometimes.

If you were meeting up with someone, would you expect both sides to agree on being together? Like the guy asking the girl if she wants to be his girlfriend? Would you try to make it clear what your intentions are?


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  • You're boyfriend/girlfriend when you're both public about your relationship. If you're socially seen as a couple to others and you've both told others such as friends, family, whatever about your relationship then you've reached the level of boyfriend/girlfriend.

    It's really about being officially a couple, and all that means is that other people see you as a couple.

    • So the guy is actually right, you don't decide to be boyfriend/girlfriend it just happens. Usually when people "decide" to be boyfriend/girlfriend they already were.


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  • Whenever. Whatever. The terms are meaningless and are just for public recognition. . . If that.

  • good question..

  • when my dick goes inside her


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  • The only thing I'd try to clarify is whether you guys are exclusive. Different people have different definitions of what a relationship entails. You wouldn't want him to go sleep with other girls, then turn around and tell you he thought you "knew" or that he though you two were in "that" sort of relationship.

    When I started dating, I asked my boyfriend after a few months about it "So, like, are we now a couple or something?" and he was all "Herpderp, I guess."
    Two years, still together lol.

  • I don't think it's necessary to ask. After dating my SO for 4 months he inadvertently called me his girlfriend and in my head I was like "Oh, cool" and that's it. So long as you know you're exclusive, it just happens over time.