How can I overcome my shyness around beautiful women and ask them out?

How can I overcome my shyness of women and ask them out


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  • Give it a go, kid. I see your age is in your thirties and I will be frank with you. Come off as a gentleman, not creepy. Both of these can easily switch. Have confidence! Don't just go up to a girl and ask them out like you know them. That scares me away more than anything. Casually spark up a conversation, compliment her on something else other than her looks..

    • Don't know if I have it in me..

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  • I'm considered a beautiful woman and many men are intimidated by me. But I am just a regular girl and a bit shy too. Don't sweat it, we are just human like you.

    • But won't a woman reject me if she finds me ugly?

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    • Yeah but you're from Venus. So it's back to, Houston we got a problem.

    • I don't understand what you mean by I'm from Venus

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