Why it might be happening? I have been chatting with the girl, and she disappears all of a sudden?

Long story short, we met, and then i left for work to another part of the country. When I came back, I contacted her, and we started chatting online, i did ask her out a few times, but she was busy looking for a flat to rent. Then it was a 8 the of March, we agreed to contact each other in the evening of the 7th of March, but I didn't call, and messaged, called on the 8th, but she didn't pick up the phone, and disappeared for 10 days or so, until i called her, and we started chatting again, then I found where she works, and during her absence at work I brought her flowers, and we met on Friday of that week. But it was brief, we just had a little walk and she went home afterwards. Then we did chat, and at times I did ask her out again. We had a phone call on Wed, and she disappeared again. Not returning phone calls, and not messaging back. I was wondering if I was to eager, or not acting. Please advise...


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  • I would assume she is really not that interested in you, or maybe she has a lot to deal with at the moment. I wouldn't keep contacting her though; if she doesn't initiate contact just let it go.


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  • She met another guy.