Want to give a girl space, how long should I wait before I get in touch?

I've been dating a girl for about six weeks. She called on Monday evening and said she was too busy to see me regularly anymore. She works a couple jobs so that might be accurate but I also wanted to give her some space. It's been 5 days since we were last in touch, how long should I wait before I call or text again?


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  • I think there shouldn't be a time. If you feel on texting/call her than do it. Just don't go nuts on blowing her phone. But when you do tell her how she is doing, what has she been up to. Don't bring the relationship up let her tell you. Don't make it harder for yourself. Also try to take your mind of it go out with friends. Once you know it she probably is going to be the one calling you. Goodluck

    • Excellent advice thank you!


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  • Just let her take control, let her contact you when she miss you.


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  • Its only been 6 weeks and she's too busy to see you? Thats a big red flag!
    I wouldn't contact her back, go out and have some fun
    If she doesn't contact you back then move on to someone else..
    If she's too busy to make time for after only 6 weeks, then you shouldn't waste your time on her... Sorry man but it doesn't look good