Girls & Guys: Has this ever happened to you?

Have you ever connected with someone on an another level, had crazy chemistry with and enjoyed talking to them BUT deep down you knew things would never work out for you such as (e.g., religion, family, etc.) issues. If yes, how did it make you feel and how did you deal with it?

I just had to break up with a guy I absolutely adore because our fundamental beliefs didn't not coincide. I must admit it effing sucks and it's really sad!! :((


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  • yeah my ex boyfriend didn't want kids and I do. I know that it is not a concern now, but I didn't want to fall in love with and marry someone who I wouldn't be happy with

    • How did you move on? :(

    • well... first we didn't talk for months, but now I am over him. It was really just distancing myself and allowing myself to find other options. And honestly it depends on the difference if it can be worked out


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  • Wow, that sounds horrible. I'm sorry. Thankfully, I've never experienced something like that. But I feel like if I did, I would still stubbornly try to make it work.


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  • If you really really like this guy then try to work things out