Does boyfriend want to marry me in the future?

We've been dating for 6 months now. I'm his first girlfriend. I was hanging out at his house. We were watching a movie and i was just looking at him, i assumed something was wrong. I asked him if he was alright and he said "Yeah. Just into the movie" I asked him if he was sure and he smiled and said he was sure. I just felt like something was wrong but i just joked around and said "R u sure? " and he did the same lol but then i got serious. He asked me what type of things do i daydream about the future. I thought he meant something different but he explained "You know when you really like someone and you day dream about the future with them like getting married, having kids."

I said "yeah sometimes" and he said he does too. I forgot what else he said but I think he said of me. He backed away while laughing saying he was embarrassed lol but i said i day dream about that too. I feel like he was lying and is hiding something I don't know...anxiety-> over thinking-> mind going all over the place


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  • As a woman , you are thinking to.much. Don't be victim of your own delusionary thoughts. It may be painful for you in future.


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  • you are under 18.. you should worry about college first. I know if you guys are close (I mean hell, been out of HS for 20 years and people I went to HS with are still together to this day) then just see if the both of you are on the same page!


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  • 6 months is nothing so don't stress. Not even a year so ofcourse marriage, kids is way off. Don't turn psycho or he will leave you. Realax :)