What horrible mistakes have you done when dating, and in relationships,?

which caused you to lose the your date, or the mate. And which lessons have you learned eventually, and made the next date, relationship work. I wonder cause, there are in my opinion a few people - "soul mate" in life which really matter to you the most, with whom you could have become a very happy person. But just something didn't work. Either inexperience or anything. As I think that I have dated like with 15 people in life, and it seems that I lost the 2nd person which seems to be ideal for me, when dating didn't work out. I just dont want to make the same kind of mistakes, and really learn something out of it.


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  • I lost a guy that I was with for a few years because I was an escourt at the time and he found out it when he came home from work early. at the time we were living together. I since then gave up that line of work.


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  • i forgot my wallet one time..