What do I do for him to stop calling me?

To make a long story short, I've been trying my hardest to break it off with this guy I've been talking to for a month. We meet online and started talking a lot. He would call me everyday all day long and would claim that we are boyfriend and girlfriend, that he loves me and all that b. S. Well, he has some insecurity issues cause he's always negative about me not wanting him no more, that he can't believe I picked him. Just very insecure type of talk all the time.

And really he's not my type but I guess I did settle for less cause I don't think he really has a job, lives with his momma and never once took me on a date. He would just come over real late at night to get it and then leaves.

He's been very unreliable the whole, plays immature games and I'm tired of it but it seems like every time I would try to let him go by not picking up his calls, he keeps on calling me nonstop all day long. He won't leave me alone and I don't want to give in and answer his call.

I can't block him cause it's my cell and he knows I don't want him no more. He's like a psycho. He says he wants to be with me but his actions don't show. I really am not into him so how can I get him to stop calling me? Please help! I'm so sick of him. I deserve a better man.

Just after awhile, he stopped. I just told him straight up to leave me alone. He called like one more after that and haven't heard from him in almost a week. Thank yall for the advice! i'm so glad he got the point. Whew!


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  • One of my girl friends dated this guy, who once she broke it off he went stalker/psycho. Her and I used to bartend together. He would come in and sit at the bar all night. Call and text her multiple times daily. She would never respond to him, but that didn't stop him. Eventually he was banned from the restaurant for harassment (cops came). She wound up not answering her phone or txts from him for weeks. Then one day replied to one of his many daily texts saying that she didn't know who this was texting her, could you please stop. You just got this new number a few days ago and these texts haven't stopped. She wrote it like she was from another country to make it seem more real. He stopped! It worked.


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  • Since he came over to get some, it seems he knows where you live. Even if you block him, I would be concerned about him stalking you. If he does, then get a restraining order. I was in a similar situation with a girl that would call me at least twice a day. I realized I couldn't talk sense into her, so I just stopped picking up the phone, and after close to 3 weeks she gave up calling. You might have to do just that.

    • Yea, I'm thinking that to nut it is so annoying. I'll just have to wait it out till he gets the freaking clue.

    • Call your mobile operator and ask if they can trace the call and if they can stop restricted numbers from calling; my friend has that on her service. Good luck.

    • Ok. thanks. :)

  • Just tell him your not interested. He doesn't seem to get the message in any other form. Tell him you deserve better like you said and if he doesn't take the hint after that then get a restraining order against him. People like this usually won't take the hint before someone tells them straight out. Hope things work out for you.

  • I don't understand why you can't block him or get a different number? I reckon that's what I'd do.

    • How do you block some one off of a cell? Cause I've never done that and I don't see an option on any cell for that. Do you call to get block options on your phone? Or what do you do? Cause I really want to totally get rid of this maniac psycho.

    • Whatever you use for a cell you should be able to go right off there website and find something that talks about blocking someone.

    • Thxanks but when he calls me, it always says ID Unavailable so I just realized there's no way at all to block him if I don't know the number he's calling from. He is still ringing me to death. He's crazy but yea I'll check out how to.

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  • Well, I'm a bitch but I would answer the phone one day and tell him straight up. "I'm tired of you constantly calling me. You would think you would get the hint since I haven't picked up. Don't ever call me again cause it ain't gonna happen. I have a man."

    • I did that. then he started texting me a lil bit and I told him on there to stop calling me and he's like well I'm not calling you I'm texting. see? there's something very wrong with him, but he did stop after that last text I sent him. whew! finally!