Would you date a Hooters girl?

just curious because I'm thinking of applying there for a job.


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  • Sure I would. Why wouldn't I? I mean for starters it's really just a job. I mean granted a job where you wear tight T-Shirts and pants but that's nothing. After all it's not like you're working in a titty bar as a dancer/waitress, it's not like you're taking your clothes off right? The only downside is all the guys who might flirt with you but who cares really? I mean aside from Anonymous Male.

    Really it's not that big of a deal. Anyway so I say go for it. If you can't get a date from a guy because he's too uncomfortable with you simply working in a restaurant, then he's too immature to be in a relationship in general. Wouldn't you agree?


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  • Mostly likely... no. It's bad enough girls are required to flirt, and guys are very territorial to some extent. Even if your cool with your girlfriend having guy friends, this pretty much draws a line. A girl there has to flirt with all sorts of men. Old, perverted, or even creepy. It's just... not the sort of thing I want to be worrying constantly over. People might say, "Oh that's just insecurity". But then again, picture your boyfriend in a flock of girls. I doubt most girls wouldn't mind.

  • Noting wrong with working there,so if you wanna work there work there.

    As to the answer,yes I would date a hooter.


  • If you desire a job there then go for it. I've been to Hooters twice and I found the girls there to be exceptionally friendly, but then again, they're trained to do so. They are also a bit more intimate, for example when a girl asks for your order she will sit down with all of you and perhaps be a bit more opened to questions and/or suggestions. Keep in mind that you will probably adopt this attitude when you work there.

    I'm not sure if I would date a hooters girl, since I tend to assume they're taken, but you never know.

    This sounds like an interesting experiment and I recommend you try it out.

  • of course I would

  • Yes I would... I don't judge a woman by where she works.

  • yes of-course they are just working you get that job and be the best hooters girl ever

  • He'll yes but how do I get to date one in the irst place I want to so bad?

  • Go for it! the girls are NOT slutty and overly perverted! They are very friendly and will chat with you, as opposed to other restaurants.

    As for dating a Hooters Girl---yes, I would. I'd love to be seeing a Hooters Girl!

  • most of them are quite slutty and overly perverted. but some guys like it that way

  • Hooters girls are interesting

  • Why would you want to work there? The average guy is of course going to tell you yes. Yes you will get a lot of attention of course, and some good tips. I don't know, I guess. It's late.

    • I would want to work there because I have the right qualifications and I could earn good money. it's not like this is what I aspire to do, but I need to make money in order to get places.

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    • Take it from me, I work at a government job and work pretty high up. I get paid more than PhDs and I don't even have my bachelors yet. Go figure. I know times are tough, my friends are out of work. No law offices do not choose sternly looking guys. I have a friend that's a girl who was an office assistant there. She did pretty good. Most places love young attractive girls in that role. Not to sound sexist.

    • Some girls I absolutely tell to work at Hooters. Because I don't think they have the ability to work anything else. I'm not saying they're dumb, but just on a different level is all. Yeah you can make money, not serious money, but its a job. If that's what you want to do, go ahead. I'm just saying you are an intelligent girl who can set her sets higher and build a better resume for a career.

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