She finally sent the "get lost" text. just stay alone..?

here is the story:
I realized I just went too fast and scared her but I couldn't take it back and had to hope that she gave us a chance.
I received a text that said "...your attentive, romantic, attentive and loving but I dont feel a connection.."
why can't women just be honest instead of feeding you a bunch of B.S.
I she made me so happy, gave me all kinds of compliments that I never received before, even from my ex wife when we were married. Well of course I didn't because they were not true. was she just making things up to see how I would react but kinda laughing at me with her friends in the mean time? So I realize the mistakes I made. it was my first date situation in 25 years. so I thought I had learned and could use it for the next person.
But who am i kidding. why would I think I could find someone or anyone would be interested in me. Nobody wanted me when I was young, thin and had hair, they sure won't want me at 45, thinning and with a little bit of a gut.
just sucks to face a lifetime alone.

I am trying my best to work on my self confidence and self esteem. but when you start with almost non, and the first person that you find tosses you aside after a week, its hard to find any hope. kind of hard to build any confidence on.
however, I have gone out online and altered my POF profile from "just here for the forums" to "ready for a relationship". I am back on tinder. I am willing to try again. I am lonely and need to find someone. And I really need to have sex again..


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  • This sucks, but you shouldn't give up. Like you said it was your first date in 25 years so you can learn from this and keep practicing :)
    by the way not all women are dishonest lol


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  • Cheer up. Forget her :)

  • there are other fish in the sea. if you have such low confidence, you won't succeed at dating because you will take it all too personally. this was one girl! you can find others! attaching too much significance to one date is a bad idea! i know it may have meant a bigger deal because you hadn't dated in a long time, but "i get knocked down, i get back up again"- don't give up!

    • You can only take it personal. You think someone thinks your attractive and it gives you hope but then you realize you just not. I put my real pic in my profile. as you can see it is not hopeful.

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    • Dating is filled with ups and downs. You can be temporarily insulted by what happened but you need to move on.

    • I am getting isn't easy.

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  • The strange thing about life is that it doesn't matter what you think. Before you give up and curl up just realize that you're not the only one and that means that there's always room for two to meet up. It happens a lot more than people think.

  • Your whole attitude sucks and you seem to understand that you moved too fast, but you still want to blame women for your problems?

    You are your own worst problem.

  • This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one bag. You stuck her on a pedestal, she felt smothered and now she's cutting it off. Just move on, learn from your mistakes, and next time don't push.