Adventurous date ideas, please help.?

We have been on three dates already and he has planned them, so this time, it's my turn. I was thinking going on a hike or something like that. If you have any ideas for what we can do, please comment.

P.s. I'm from Queensland Australia


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  • A hike is a good idea. I imagine you both have kissed a bit so it would be hot for you to lead him to spots where you can make out for a bit along the hike. Push him up against a tree a passionately kiss him for a minute. Don't give in if he tries for more just yet. Maybe play hide and seek. Flirt with him relentlessly and make him follow or even chase you. Learn and explore the area together. Laugh a lot and be mostly silly people who show respect for each other and it won't matter where you are since you'll both will be right where you should be, on a great adventure.


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  • Canoe trip.

    Rent a canoe, bring some food and drink for a mid-point picnic. If you know of a rope swing along the way that would be a great place to stop and have some fun after the picnic. Pick a section of river with some faster parts to add some fun, and also some slower parts to leisurely kick back and talk or just relax.

  • I always suggest skydiving as a first date experience but so far no girl has taken me up on my offer

    If you're looking for something adventurous keep in mind for most people adventure can be anything that gets the adrenaline pumping! Why not try something safe, but unusual. Obtain authentic costumes then perform the Moskau 1979 dance in a public place. If he chickens out of this he is probably too much of a coward to do anything else adventurous anyway.


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