Is it weird to ask my boyfriend who the girls are that he is snap chatting?

I was snap chatting my boyfriend today cuz he didn't feel like texting cuz he's sick. So I went through his best friends list on snap chat and two girls were his bestfriends first and second and then his friend third. Would it be weird to ask who those girls are that he's snap chatting? I'm not freaking out.. I'm just curious


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  • thats not weird at all i would be curious too!


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  • No you have the right, if anything he should offer that info up willingly and not see it as needy or anything.. If he does he is trying to make you feel you are being pushy but trust me you are not, so stick to your guns, ask him, his reaction will speak a thousand words.

    • I just have to add, this's is why I have a love hate relationship with social media.

  • nope, nothing to hide in a relationship

  • Yes because you just said those were his friends so obviously you know their relation to him. Unless these girls are calling him in the middle of the night then I can see why. But if there is no issue I honestly don't understand the curiousity. Unless you are jealous.

    • There is no need to start drama when there is none, unless he was acting strange beforehand.