Don't want to hurt his feeling...?

I have been seeing this guy for a few years now. We had stop talking for quite some time because of personal reasons. (showed up to an event with another female) We are now seeing each other again. But its mainly we just chill and have sex. We would go out to eat but since we both got comfortable we don't anymore. We both don't acknowledge each as bf/gf. But he as expressed his feelings to me but never turned into anything. Since we are single I have decided to meet other people. I have meet this guy and we both click and he has expressed hat he wants to commit to me. Now I feel bad because I don't want to hurt the other guys felling even though I know it may not lead to anything else besides sex. He has stated that he scared it get hurt again...straight BS! But I really like this new guy and I would like to commit to him as well. Just confused I know in my heart that the new guy is the better choice just need know how to let the other guy know.


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  • You are a kind and considerate person, but the hard decisions fall on everyone. You must guard against getting into a rut simply because you don't want to risk a chance with a new person. You will learn a bit more from everyone you meet, and the more people you meet the more you will know about yourself and about what kind of person is a match for you (and you will have more fun before you find your life partner). Out with the old and in with the new.


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  • awwww good for you and im happy you found happiness i would tell him in person a public place like a resteraunt so he can't act out or get mad he's going to half to take the news in and deal with it the right way it make take him time but at least you did the right thing telling him in person if you can't in person then text because if you call him he could be busy but just as long as you tell him and you say it nicely or you could say i just don't think im the right one for you i feel like you deserve better that might make breaking up with him easier