Does she like me or am I friend zoned?

Ok so this is pretty complicated and I am very confused. I have this friend from high school that over the years has changed from liking her as a friend to being in love with her. So this is where I am confused. She went to California for college and I stayed at home. We text and talk on the phone no big deal. I went out to visit her for spring break and I went down there with a plan to figure out if I wanted to date her. First When I got to her place I saw she had pictures of us all over the place. Second she kept saying she wanted a boyfriend. Third she decided to get out of her cloths and put on sweatpants and a tee. Fourth while we were hanging out she randomly grabbed my hand and we just started holding hands. Then later that night we sat on the couch and just cuddled.and now this is where I got confused. I thought those were some pretty good sign but I asked her sister (who lives with her) after i left cali what her feeling towards me were. She asked her sister and she said her answer was "I never really thought of it but I do think he's cute and it could work but we live in 2 different states." Now what do you think. Does she like me? Am I still in friend zone? Opinions on what to do?


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  • It sounds as though she really didn't want sis to know a hundred percent of what her personal feelings may really be, so she nonchalantly answered her with these semi sweet somethings.
    And with all the signs and signals, she most likely would like a relationship with You as this "boyfriend," but the "we live in 2 different states" may be holding her back. There is where you come in to save the day.
    Have a serious talk with her, but don't tell her that you spoke to her sister (hopefully she won't divulge your convo). Being you have this chemistry with one another, and things seem comfy and cozy now, I believe it's safe in assuming Who she likes and perhaps Wishes she had for her beau. If she is the one you are in love with, then not only save your state of mind, but save the girl of your dreams in the "other galaxy" as well.
    Until you have both agreed on some other title, And the friendship has reached "another level," it only makes sense that you stay "Good friends" for the moment, with a potential partnership between the two hearts in-----"two different states."
    Good luck.xx

    • Thanks for the input it really helps.

    • Yo are so welcome. I know how hard Long distance love can be, believe me, but being it is "state to state", to me, that is a hop and a skip. It can be worked out, and as you have found out, you have been with her There already, so the rest seems like a piece of cake.xx


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  • She held took your hand first, undressed in front of you, drops hints about wanting a boyfriend, and keeps pictures of you around her space. Sometimes sisters just don't think about each others sex lives! What more do you need? She likes you so go for it!

    • She didn't undress in front of me just changed as soon as we got to her place. I was in the other room.

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  • Yes, she likes you. You will be in the friend zone if you don't start making bolder moves and statements. It sounds like you need to talk to her about how you feel.

  • Yea man. Dig in before it too late.

    ... Too... Late...

  • The more you act like a friend, the more she will feel turned off. Girls aren't logical. Girls are demons...treat them as such.