What to do where should I go now?

There is this guy that I have fallen head over heels for. We have had a thing of a little over a year now. He was all my firsts expect for sex (I'm a virgin still). Anyways a little after we began our thing of hooking up he had moved. Once he moved he found a girl that he began dating, however when he came back to do a co-op in the summer he came back to me. We still hooked up while he was dating her. However a couple weeks ago we were sitting and talking in bed. He told me he wanted me to move on from him, but not because he wanted me to move on but because he wanted me to be happy. I would really like advice I can give more details if you private message me.


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  • Look on the bright side, the long distance thing rarely has a chance anyway, especially at your age. Count your blessings. Find someone more compatible and available.


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  • You should move on.

    He cheated on his girlfriend - that is not the kind of guy you want.

    He told you to move on - that means he doesn't want a relationship with you.

    It sucks, and I'm sorry, but you deserve better and he's right, you should be happy. Let go of him and wait for someone who will fight for you.

  • i think he said that 'only because he wants you to be happy' just because he didn't want to hurt your feelings or be rude by saying that he's not interested anymore..