Is this age gap appropriate because her friends are against me?

I'm dating this girl she is 17 and she is turning 18 next year. I'm 24 and she is incredibly mature for her age yet she knows how to have fun. I didn't know she was that young when I first met her. I met her at the hospital we both had sprains that day and when I hobbled in with my friends I had to be with her. We agreed not to have sex until she is legal because I don't want to get in trouble. My friends love her but her friends can't stand me. I try to be nice and she tries to include as much as she can when they hang out. It shouldn't be a problem if I'm there because two of her friends do bring their boyfriends along. I offer for them to have "girls night" in my apartment and her and I would cook. I offer stuff like taking them places or agreeing to double date to get to know them. I still feel unaccepted in her world where she is accepted in mine.


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  • The age gap isn't bad! My boyfriend is 27 and I'm 21. Smart man for waiting LOL. As for the friends, don't worry about being accepted by them. She likes you a lot if she doesn't care what her friends think. She's happy and likes you and that's all that matters. Have you met her family?

    • I haven't met hers but she's met mine. Her parents are barely in her life and she basically has to raise herself so she doesn't think its necessary if she doesn't even view them as parents.

    • Okay, that's a fair reason. I really wouldn't worry about it. Actually the best thing to do would be to give them space. They probably feel like you're taking her away from them or pushing yourself into their group. She should sit down with her friends and find out what the issue is. There is obviously something that is turning them off. They may just be concerned that you're using her etc. So she should talk to them and find out, cause it may be a misunderstanding.


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  • She's 17 years old the age gaps not a big deal but her age is. If it's been more then two months and her friends don't accept you then they never will. I'm just curious is she leaving to go to college or any future plan like that

    • Yes but the college she wants to go to is only a 20 minute drive from here.

    • I wish you all the luck honestly. But it will be less sketchy when she's 20 but the fact that she's only going to college 20mins away your going to have to deal with her friends. Plus regardless of the distance or maturity college is about new experiences

  • Guys don't see that gap as a big deal because they're programmed (60% of them) to go for the younger girls (quite a bit younger), but girls see this as somewhat of a bigger deal and probably consider you a cradle robber or a strange pedophile-ish dude that's trying to convince their best friend of having sex with him (and waiting until she's 'legal' is one of your manipulations).

  • Sorry but that's too big esp since you can legally drink

    • I don't drink...

    • So what. Find a mature lady ur age... Both of ur friends can't all hang out as a group

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