Why do guys send their ex a "how are you?" text only to ignore when she responds?

My ex and I broke up over a month ago now. I received a text yesterday out of the blue asking how I was, he even referred me to the pet name he used to call me. I didn't respond straight away. But eventually did respond (that day) saying I was good and how was he? And now nothing! I know it looks like he was just checking to see if I was still there but any chance guys play games when it comes to sending texts to ex's i.e. now he will wait before responding?


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  • ?

    are you really between 30 and 35?


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  • My ex used to do the same thing.

    He would text me to ask how I was doing, referring to me by my old pet name and it always confused the hell out of me, and when I texted back a response--I got nothing.

    One time, I decided, "you know what, next time he texts me, I'm calling him, let's see if he even has the balls to pick up the phone."

    He answered his phone and I simply went into friendly conversation, he made the jump to our old relationship, but I blew it off, staying the friendly route.

    Eventually we got back together, he made up some bs excuse that he thought I was "mad" at him. Um, how can I be "mad" at you when I respond to your text messages and get nothing or that he started calling me after that? Heh.

    Call him, put his ass on the spot.