Shy girl go out with me but never reply to text!!!?

I have been going out with a girl... so far we went out 5 times.. and I told her about my feeling she was so happy. but she want to take it slow... however, She does not respond to Facebook messages or text messages or calls. Should I be worried... or maybe she is not the texting type? so far I can see that she does not respond a lot to other people on Facebook either including close friends and relatives. I know she is shy and quite in general but when we hangout she talks a lot with me and i enjoy every minute of it... but the texting thing is just worries me a bit. coz my text is short... and usually just to check on her... and that makes me happy. she had a history of being bulled in school and she is a bit loner. I know with that in mind there will be a lot of confusing behaviour but I am welling to take the time


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  • Make a iPhone call

  • Never replied once? How do you guys communicate then? How do you ask her out on dates?

    Are you sure she can text? Maybe her phone doesn't have text ability?

    • Actually... if we are going out i text her and thats how i get response... :D

    • So you only responds to dates but ignores all other texts? That's so weird

    • She not you. Sorry

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