How do I know that he's not just a general flirt and I mean something to him?

I go to an all girls school and this boys goes to an all boys school. We've been talking for 2 years on and off and it's always been quite flirty (we've toyed with the idea of going out but something's always stopped us). About 2 months ago we got really close and I fell for him really bad but because of that I made some stupid choices and we just stopped talking. I was really hurt but so was he. During the last block of flirting he'd asked my best friend for advice etc. and the just had a few conversations about me but nothing else. Because he was so hurt after we stopped talking he turned to my best friend (also at an all girls school) for support and stuff. He's recently fallen for her but I've always been pretty annoyed that she went there with him because I would never go after any of her exs/people she's flirted with (even though I've wanted to). I've brought it up a few times with her but jokily and I don't think she understands how much I like him, even though I've dropped hints that I still do. She's completely messed with him and didn't even know if she liked him until last night I was at hers and we facetimed him. She realised she liked him but then met up with this other guy today? i want to support her and help her make the right choice but at the same time I'm not sure if I can or want to get over him. My minds on nothing but him and I know I can't go on because he's started flirting with me again now but my friend doesn't see that he's doing it to both of us. But I definitely don't want to get close to him again if he'll just see it as friends whilst in love with my best friend


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  • You apparentely don't have a large pool of the opposite sex with which to consort. You realize correctly that this guy is playing both of you, perhaps out of confusion about himself and what he wants, but also perhaps because that is just what males do. I know little about you, but I advise you to meet and interact in all possible ways with as many of the opposite sex as possible not merely so that you can gain social skills and acquire self-confidence, but also make an informed choice in choosing a mate (if that is what you want) when the time comes. Until then, life is short, so cut the drama and have fun.


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  • I think your friend was very wrong to do that. My advice would be don't reveal future crushes to yoru girlfriends because their is always that possibility of something like this happening. Where your friend trying to take him away from you.To be honest I don't think you shoudl give her any advice or support because what she did was very messed up and very mean. And the messed up part is that she is talking to other guys.I think the only way you can get over him is by supressing him.Deleting his number, deleting him of Facebook etc. Don't let him consume your mind. It's alright to flirt but don't let it mess with yoru head. I feel he is just as wrong as your friend by running to her when things wasn't working out between you and him. She should had stayed out of it with him and not get involved.


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