When girls stare/gaze at me but don't smile?

Does it mean they are not attracted to you?
Girls never seem to smile at me but they often keep looking at me and/or staring but never really much of a smile. They don't look unhappy, they might have a bit of a smile but that's until I look back at them and they then stop.


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  • No they find you irrisistably attractive. Girls NEVER smile when they see a hot guy. But they do stare. OH HOW THEY STARE. Trust me. They probably took a quick peak at your package too.

    • Are you being sarcastic?

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    • Not to be too arrogant or anything, but people call me brad pitt, and paul walker.

    • Sorry, my mistake. I'm no good at detecting it on the internet. Thank you!


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  • I tend to do that a lot, that's why no guy approaches me. Whenever I stare at a guy, I find them attractive and interested. But at times I'm just keenly observing them. It really depends on their situation, I mean is she taken?
    If you're interested, why not let them know? Smile at them or approach them. Maybe the reason they don't smile first is because they're afraid to get rejected instantly. If you're not interested, don't fret on in too much.

  • There are girls that are either too shy to smile or just feel like being hard to get. I believe it's pretty rare when a girl smiles unless she knows you. If you find her staring a lot although she doesn't smile, she is probably interested in you and is waiting for you to make a move.


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  • Some guys get all the luck. .. do you talk to them?

    • Not really, I didn't know what it meant and was a bit too scared anyway.