What does it mean when a guy likes to cuddle with you more often then having sex?

So I have been seeing this guy for quite a while and recently he has wanted to cuddle more and more instead of having sex. I'm not complain as I enjoy both, but I just wanted some opinions on whether a guy wanting to cuddle is a good or bad sign? Like does it mean he is loosing interest or falling in love or just getting lazy? He doesn't seem to have lost interest in me, but maybe it's a first sign I'm missing...

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  • You are looking far too much into this. Seems like he's damned if he does he's damned if he doesn't. A lot of women complain guys want too much sex and aren't emotional enough. If you dont appreciate him im sure another girl will.

    • I just said I'm not complaining... I was just curious

  • It means nothing.


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