When should I go in for a kiss?

I'm dating a girl that I really like but we never kissed does any one have ideas?


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  • It is all about escalation. You first greet someone, he shake heir hand , hen hug them, hen kiss them and hen sex them. Now if you simplyfy all of that you need to escalate you touch. Start with hands, arms, back, face then you are ready to kiss.

    When you are ready to kiss you need to give plus read signs. Get close to her ( get in her personal space). Touch her (Hands, arms , back and face). Look into her eye ( windows to the soul and all that). While looking a her eyes you should quickly look a her lips every few moments. When she stars to mirror your behaviour you just need to pull he trigger


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  • what can actually seem cute, and some girls find nice, is when you actually just say, i really want to kiss you right now, so you are sorta looking for permission and seem a bit more cute/innocent :)

    i don't know , this approach has worked for me a fair bit :P

  • At your age I would say at least by the third date. Even then kissing on the first date is pretty normal. The only thing worse than going too fast, is going too slow. As an adult kissing, and even sex on the first date is pretty normal.