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I have this guy friend that I talk to on occasion, we both love photography, and we are always sharing ideas, or talking about our latest photo adventure. However he does have a girlfriend. Before this guy and I started speaking to one another, I would notice he would stare at me quite often. I didn't really think too much of it. One day I decide to say "Hi" and he starts a conversation right away. I then noticed a friend request from the girlfriend a couple days later, which gave me pause, because I had never spoken to her. I let the request sit for some time to think if I really wanted to accept her. Well I did accept her eventually, but I was curious as to her reasons for adding me. We have seen each other in passing, but thats it, her and I have never actually spoken. Weeks go buy and the guy and I continue to bond over photography. A couple of days ago I shared with him the fact that I received a new photo gadget, and invited him and his girlfriend to join me, so He could see how the gadget worked. I told him where I was going to set up, and he then suggested I should just come down by his place of residence. That comment gave me pause, but I said that could work. I am starting to have second thoughts however because, even though i invited him and his girlfriend to tag along, there is the chance that he not tell her at all and come by himself, in which case I feel like would be disrespecting the girlfriend and I have no desire to get in between him and his Girlfriend. What should I do?


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  • keep it plutonic!


    ...she either befriended you because she trusts her bf, or she befriended you to see who you are (and to see if she can trust her bf)


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  • I love photography too. I have even created a fb page.
    Well she is just insecure girl and nothing else.


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  • I stopped reading after "he does have a girlfriend." Don't waste your time. Find someone who's available.

    • you're right, I just really enjoy talking about photography with him. But I don't believe him and I can be just friends without attraction. and again I want to respect his relationship.