She got cold feet, now my sides hurt. How do I fix it?

For a full week, this girl I'm interested in was talking with me about the possibility of getting together, possibly officially as a couple, when we go out on a movie date.

Then, she started talking about sex. That put a lot of pressure on me. I was to the point that I was willing to give her everything she wanted.

But then, she got cold feet and decided to keep the date platonic, and sorry she pressured me about sex.

The pressure is off, and I don't have to hide secrets anymore. But now I feel physically in shock.

Her and I are still good friends, and forgave each other for entertaining crazy ideas. But my nerves won't settle down physically.

I realize this means she's not ready for what she wanted, and neither am I. But acceptance hasn't calmed my nerves down. What should I do?


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  • Just give it time and your nerves will settle pretty soon.


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