why do I get hit on more online than in real life?

i notice guys look at me when i go out but most of them don't say anything. to be fair i have been told im unapproachable but im just shy and sort of awkward. but if i have a profile online i get bombarded with messages and flirts, even some by guys i see in public. i don't have any provocative pics they are all of me dressed covered up so why is rhat?


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  • A) it's safer online, no one can see you rejecting a person

    B) it's easier online, when you're typing you can delete, when you're speaking if you say something stupid it just so happens you can't play Kirby and suck the shit back up

    C) it's more convenient online, im up at 5 am and want to say "You're hot"? I can. Unless I break into your house and wake you at 5 am it might not work so well otherwise

    there are more reasons but this is good enough


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  • Anonymity, people can say what they really think.

    if you say "wow babe, you're beautiful!" to your face, not only are they not anonymous but their words could easily come back to bite them in the ass.

    on the internet, people can say what they really think, take that however you wish.

  • Online dating for women is a seller's market. Big time.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that you're not really that attractive or interesting. It's just that typical dudes online send out like five billion messages before they've had their morning coffee.

  • Simple!

    It's easy to send a message online, very little risk, little reward.

    In person, you have to have guts, and be brazen. How many girls actually signal their interest when they're out at shops or whatever?

    Besides, most places don't feel right for hitting on women. Gym, church, eating places, Uni, they feel fine. Most other places, not so much.


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  • Same reason why people write such mean comments on YouTube and insult each other from behind their computer. It's indirect. They don't dare to express themselves in reality. The internet is kind of anonymous, even when you use your real name. You even notice it in traffic: everyone feels safe in their car with windows around them so they can let the true asshole inside them come out. You never hear anyone shout when someone in front of them blocks the way while walking.

    • I do. People that literally stand there when the light is red look around still not cross until the light turns green then they want to walk into on coming traffic. Those people piss me off and I yell at them so loudly out of my window lol.

  • Bc the real freaks come out online. More dressed you give an heir of mystery and self-esteem.