Anyone have experience kissing someone with a dental implant?

People tell me every day that I'm very attractive, but I'm still really self-conscious and shy. I'm really old and I haven't even had my first kiss yet. I'm terrified of it because one of my front teeth is a dental implant (I was born without one of my front teeth). I have had the implant since my early teen years. It looks and feels very natural from the front (the part you would see when I smile), but it is shaped differently in the back (the part I touch with my tongue). Nobody notices that it's not real during day-to-day life, but I'm terrified that it would be a real mood killer in a romantic situation with tongue action (would it feel weird?). Especially if I have to stop and explain what it is and why it's there. I never cared much before, but now there's a guy I'm interested in. We went out once but I didn't let him kiss me because I was afraid of all this. I'm self-concious about it so it's not something I want to discuss with the guy until I know him a lot better, but I worry that I'll never know him better if we don't kiss, like he'll get bored/frustrated and move on if I don't start being more warm and responsive. More importantly, I WANT to kiss him! And since I've never kissed anyone before, will he think I'm a terrible kisser? I could lose him anyway for being bad at it.


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  • On your first kiss with this person apply your pursed lips to his with a slight suction. Do not get into the tongue action. If you like him you will kiss well.


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  • I wouldn't worry about it. I have a tooth behind the rest of my teeth (never lost my baby tooth and the adult grew right behind it). No one has ever complained about it.
    As for never having kissed someone, just do what feels natural, you'll be fine.