He still has his ex-wife's pictures displayed at home...?

I have been seeing him for a month. He is divorced and has a teenager with his ex-wife. I have been to his house many times and his house is full of pictures of his daughters (from baby to now). I'm okay with that because he doesn't live with his daughter, and he made it clear in the beginning that his daughter is a very important part of his life.

I noticed two pictures of his ex-wife holding their baby daughter in the sitting room, I'm not entirely comfortable, but I'm okay with that because I told myself that those might be the only baby pictures he has of his daughter (others are when she's in school-age). Then today, I noticed that their wedding picture is actually sitting right on a shelf in the bedroom surrounded by like 10-15 pictures of his daughter. The shelf is covered with dust (looks like it's not been clean for a long time). My guts somehow said it doesn't mean anything, but I still am not too comfortable with that.

We've only been together for a month. I don't know if it's okay to ask him to put it away. Don't get me wrong - I'm not asking him to throw it away. Not at all. I'm just thinking about having him to put that in a photo album or something instead of sitting there. Would that be okay? If so, how should I ask him? or should I wait till we're together for a longer time?


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  • I think you should wait for a bit longer, say another month. Then you can be a good girlfriend and clean up his room. While doing so, discreetly take the picture of his wife and put it away in the closet, out of sight.

    He might not even notice the change and if he does, he will likely laugh it off or think it's cute. Alternatively, you could tell him about it in a month or so. But right now, it's too early to say or do anything.


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  • I would wait a bit longer. He might not even notice it's there from the sounds of it.


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  • Sometimes guys don't pay attention to their surroundings like women do. It literaly could mean nothing. What was the circumstances of their divorce? Who initiated it?