Dating site users, which has been more successful POF or OKCupid?

So I've been using POF for 3 years and OKCupid for 8 months. I've had a lot of dates off POF but none off OKCupid. There was only one girl off OkCupid that I almost met back in October but that fell through.

The weird thing is more info regarding interest and lifestyle is given out on OkCupid compared to POF but yet I've had more luck on POF. I barely get responses on OkCupid, but when I do they don't really lead to anywhere.

So which site has been the best for you?


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  • I think both of those sites are bottom of the barrel low grade dating sites. 😒

    • Why, because theyre free?

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    • If you look at the OKcupid blog, they have a blog where they break down the statistics or races and who emails whom. That's also where they made the comment about black women...the only reason I remember it.

    • Its been a while since that blog was up though. I'm not sure if they deleted it, but I read it like over a year ago now.


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  • As far as getting more dates I'd say ok cupid

  • Did you come across any creeps? D:

    • Not really creeps, but a few desperate, unstable or psychotic women. I don't really see many men use the the word creep to describe women.

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    • Never tried online dating. Still thinking about it

    • Itd good if you have a hard time meeting women. Plus its easier to find women with more common interests.

  • For me, even though none of them really work, I'll say POF is the better one (okcupid seems like no one's on it).

    • Depends on area I guess

    • For me, I seem to have more luck on one site more than others at times. On pof there hasn't really been anyone who piqued my interest lately

  • Maybe it's because of my age, but I don't think much of either site. POF I find the girls on there are really trashy looking. I was a member on POF for over 3 years and nothing. I also discovered that many of the profiles on those sites are faked profiles.

    • I've met 10 girls off POF in the 3 years I've used it. A lot of them just led to a few dates or a fling at most. It could be your age or it could be the area you're in with the trashy looking girls. For me, there's quite a variety. There's women with kids, rebounders, very religious girls, trashy ones, etc. The ones I don't get that say they're just looking for friends. They probably want a hookup up or friends with benefits with relationships. Who goes on a dating site just to find friends?

      The only time I've really dealt with fake profiles is with the meet me feature and some would be numerous profiles with the same picture and a lot of those would say here check out my pics or let's do a webcam chat. Those are obviously the fake ones.

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    • You must be in a good area if you're seeing girls that look good. The girls in my area look real rough. However I did look on POF again since it's been so long and some weren't soo bad.

    • I've been catfished once on there so before I meet up with a girl, I at least need to talk on the phone or on Facebook to make sure she is who she really is. Fortunately all have been real after that.