Why do 28-35 year old girls/guys still play games, sit on the fence, and/or don't know what they want?

I am finding that people in their late 20's to early 30's still are playing games, don't know what they want, or sit on the fence when it comes to dating. I am under the assumption that at those ages, we should be past that and should know what we want. Can someone explain to me why this isn't so and what may cause this? This seems to be a growing trend. I'm pretty frustrated with this. Dating shouldn't be complicated; especially in this age range.


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  • Sometimes when we know what we want and we meet someone who might seem better than what we want, it confuses us. All I can say is that
    we ony live once so live the life to your fullest and act with no regrets. If you're shy, get rid of the fear since fear is what holds people back, an I used to be shy when I was younger but I'm not anymore. I also think that a lot of people don't really make changes within themselves and they place blame on other people therefore they assume it's other people with problems when realy it begins with us. If you want change, you can only change yourself so if you want proactiveness in other people, it starts with you to e proactive.


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  • Yeah like the other lady said u dont wanna make a bad choice so late in life...u want stability..i mean damn as old as i am i have a huge crush on an older man and i can barely say hi to him...u would think it would be easy cuz im older but its just not that simple..I've been shy all my life and its not going to change with age.

  • I find myself much more confused at this age then I did in my early 20's because at this point in life I don't have time to recover from a wrong choice. Its tough man! And I am a woman so I may never know what I truly want! ;)

    • I can see where you are coming from when saying that a wrong choice at this age could be disastrous. I agree completely. I made plenty of wrong relationship decisions in my early to late 20's that nearly ruined me. At this point, we can't afford to make bad decisions. We have to be selective and not settle. We can't get into relationships for the wrong reasons; especially if they compromise who we are. However, I think we should have a general sense in what we want in a mate.

    • True. I think I would drop a guy faster if I knew it wasn't going anywhere. No time to waste!

  • they're human and humans aren't always sure what they want?
    men can be bachelors at 50 and no one says a word, but god forbid a girl in her 20's sits on the fence.

    • That's why I said girls/guys. I think it is ridiculous for either sex to be behaving this way at the ages I mentioned. Maybe I just am old fashioned. I have to agree, if you're 50 and still doing that, something is wrong.

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