What do you do after you completely know your partner?

Me and this guy have been official for about a month now but the thing is that I feel like we're running out of things to talk about I mean he tells me he loves me and that I'm the most beautuful person ever everyday but other than that I just feel like it's me that has to makeup most of the conversation telling him funny things that happened to me that day I ask him about the things that he went throw and he would give short answers that don't really leave a place for conversation , at the beginning when we first met we played games such as 20 questions , would you rather and truth or dare but it's getting to a place where we know everything about each other and I don't know what new things can we talk about any suggestions?


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  • If you love each other or you have a special place for him in your heart, there will be no shortage of topics to talk. Let your heart decide about the relationship, and do not allow your mind (brain) to make the decision about love and feelings. It can not be judged by brain, it is related to heart.


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  • If you really think you completely know your partner, you probably don't know them at all !


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  • I've been with my boyfriend for eight month and we always have things to talk about. What happens during the day, things we like, we want to do, our friends, our family, we have fun together and we also have time on our own. Also, even if I know him very well, I don't know him completely, I learn things everyday. It's not about playing games.