Why some girls pretend like they are the victim? The girl I was dating called me a jerk as soon as she found out that I am seeing other girls too.

She blocked me from Facebook for that silly reason. After some time, I figured out that she is even worst. Her best friend who also disagree with her attitude, told me that she is seeing more than 5 guys other than me. This can't be serious. wtf?


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  • her "best friend"is a disloyal bitch who should be ashamed of herself. a guy would never do that to another guy

    to answer your question:its just ok when we have our options but we don't like feeling disposable when u have urs


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  • Um...yeah...no idea.

    It's one thing if you two had the talk about seriously dating and only seeing each other but it would appear that you didn't. It'd also be one thing if you were seeing other girls and she was only seeing you.

    But it would appear you were both in the same boat. So...yeah. She's weird. I wouldn't stress too much.

  • She shouldn't be judging you. But I'm sure it's hurting her to find that out and that's why she's acting that way. Dating gets way too complicated if it's with more than one person, you want to avoid being called a jerk? Date one girl at a time. Cos I'm sorry but any man I've ever met that was dating multiple women.. Was a jerk.

    • Also, her best friend could be lying to you, let's face it what decent friend would tell a guy you used to see that, even if it were true.

  • Obviously you dont need a relationship if your seeing other girls while you guys were dating 👌👌

  • um. what kind of ''dating'' is that if both of you are seeing others but aren't supposed to be? you're both imbeciles.


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