How to get that little extra boost of confidence?

So GaG, help me out here.

I feel like my biggest problem with dating/relationships is confidence, but let me elaborate a little bit.

I know I'm decently good looking, 5'11, dark hair, brown eyes, dark glasses, I'm a little overweight (210 lbs), but I'm working on it. I do a lot of martial arts, I play the guitar, I'm making it through college.

The point is I'm confident in myself, but even then I feel like all that confidence goes away when I'm with a girl I like. And by that I mean I'm able to make/hold conversation, but it's how to make it clear that I like them that always gets me after the first few times hanging out or so. And then I procrastinate, my mind swirls into different ways/things I could do, and then she moved on. I feel like I missed out on wonderful relationships I could have had with some of my female friends, because these friends have found someone else, and I'm not jealous, I'm happy for them, I'm just a little angry at myself.

Any tips? Thanks guys and gals


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  • Confidence has nothing to with sports or how you look. How you feel about yourself inside can project onto your body language. You need to get this into your head, you are a cool guy/good guy, you are good enough as is right now. As far as missing out on relationships, there is plenty of time to have meaningful relationships out there. As a man you are in charge on either to date or be stuck in the friends zone with them. My question is how are letting these women slip by you?


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  • Dude Your confidence is only a part of who you are its your heart that has to be in it and not just the other aspects but intellect. Some girls will like you for who you are. One of my superpowers is keeping a conversation and being a faithful friend.

  • Stop thinking too hard about what to say, relax and be chilled when with a girl you like cos then she will automatically feel relaxed too and just talk about stuff YOU are into because this will make you appear confident and an appealing person, guitar is a great one to discuss, I sing and play too and it's always a good topic to discuss because music is something everyone likes :)


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